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What is an Annulment?

You may have heard of an annulment, but do you know what it is? In California, it’s one way that couples can end their marriage. However, unlike divorce, not everyone will qualify for an annulment. The process is reserved for marriages that are inherently void and/or unlawful. Annulment in California When a marriage is annulled, it is as if the union never happened at all. As a result, the formerly-married couples are no longer bound by the laws of marriage or eligible to benefit from the union. This means that former spouses will no longer be prohibited from marrying other people, but they will also lose protections offered to married couples (e.g., tax benefits, property classifications). Grounds for Annulment A … Continued

How do Marriage Annulments Work?

The word “Annulment” refers to Catholic declaration of something as having no legal existence. It is also called ‘declaration of nullity.’ There is no definite process to declare a marriage as null. The decision of declaring a marriage as null requires a church tribunal, also known as Catholic Church Court, to declare that a marriage previously acknowledged as lawful is no longer valid as it falls short of one or two of the elements that are essential for any binding union according to church law. The elements that are required for a catholic marriage to be lawful include: The will of spouses to get married. They are adult enough to give their consent for the marriage. They exchange their consent … Continued

Getting A Marriage Annulled in California

Sometimes a divorce isn’t the best solution to a marriage that isn’t working out.  If you meet certain qualifications you may be able to petition for an annulment. An annulment is similar to a divorce – in that it terminates the marriage – but is fundamentally different, as well. After a divorce is granted the marriage is still acknowledged by the state. After an annulment is granted, however, the marriage is no longer acknowledged. Rather, it is as if the marriage never happened at all. How to Annul a Marriage in California In California, you are permitted to petition to have a marriage annulled if you meet certain criteria. Marriages that are incestuous or bigamous are never legal. If you … Continued