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What is Timeshare Custody?

Child custody and child support are two separate and distinct ideas. However, child support calculations are often dependent on custody arrangements. While custody is not the only factor that will impact child support calculations, it is one of the most important things to consider. Generally speaking, the parent who spends less physical time with their child will be responsible for paying child support. The less time that parent spends with the child, the higher that child support obligation will be. The amount of time a parent has custody of his or her child is known as “timeshare” or “custody percentage.” Why is Timeshare Important? It’s important to accurately calculate each parent’s custodial timeshare. Why? Timeshare is an important factor in … Continued

What is Imputed Income in California Child Support Orders?

Parents in the throws of a heated divorce can often lose sight of the things that matter. Child support, for example, can be incredibly important to a child’s development, health, and well-being. Unfortunately, some parents tend to resist or dodge child support obligations, forgetting that these payments are for the benefit of their children. One way that a parent may try to dodge or reduce child support obligations is by changing an important factor in the calculation of child support requirements: income. Child support is determined, in part, based on each parent’s income, earnings, and assets. While timeshare custody is also important, income tends to be the most influential factor in child support determinations. Some parents have found that reducing … Continued

Understanding How Health Insurance Can Affect Child Support Requirements

When parents decide to get divorced they must make some tough decisions about the future of their family. Most importantly, parents must try to agree on child custody and support arrangements. Child support is essential to make sure that children are taken care of, financially. Support is used to pay for a child’s education, housing, entertainment, clothing, and, among other things, healthcare. Healthcare costs in America can be prohibitive. In California, the cost of healthcare for a child is factored into the equation when child support requirements are being calculated. This helps to ensure that parents keep their children insured and keep up with child support payments. Health Care Requirements When You’re Covered by Insurance Some parents will be covered … Continued

Does Child Support Cover Private School Tuition?

Child support often required by California courts to ensure divorced or separated parents properly and adequately provide for their children. Court-ordered financial support is intended to cover the basic costs to care for and raise a child. Costs that are typically associated with child support include housing, food, and clothing. However, other costs that are relevant and necessary to a child’s upbringing may also be required to be covered – at least partially – by child support payments. This is especially true if a child of divorce was accustomed to certain privileges before the separation. Many payors of child support often wonder if certain expenses, such as the cost of attending private school, are legitimate and necessary. The answer is … Continued

Child Support Services in Los Angeles

As we recently celebrated Father’s Day, we were able to reflect on what it means to be a father and what responsibilities come with being a parent. One of the largest responsibilities for a father in the state of California is ensuring that his children are properly supported. This support, while it includes things like emotional support, also includes financial support. California law indicates that every parent has a legal duty to financially support his or her child. Across the country, men disproportionately pay child support payments, accounting for 85% of those ordered to pay. Men also generally see a higher average child support payment ordered compared to their female counterparts. Paying child support can become difficult if an individual … Continued

Family Law Issues with an Incarcerated Spouse or Parent

From the famous Alcatraz to the notorious San Quentin prison, prisons in California have had a substantial place in California’s culture, and a serious role in the lives of many of California’s residents. As of last week, there were 179,612 inmates in the California Department of Corrections system. While we are not criminal defense lawyers, we do practice family law, and there are many cases that come to the family court that involve a spouse or parent who is incarcerated.   Child Support and an Incarcerated Parent One of the most direct ties between family law and the California prison system is the failure to pay child support. If a court orders you to pay child support, it is your … Continued