What Can I Do If My Child Support is Too High?

Hossein Berenji, Jul 01, 2021

Being a parent is already a tough job. However, co-parenting with somebody else makes it even more complicated. Adding child support issues can make parenting tasks even more sensitive. Child support calculations are designed as a baseline level of support that can be applied across all cases. However, we understand that no situation can be […]


When Does Child Support Terminate and Under What Conditions in San Diego for a Paternity, Legal Separation or Divorce Case

Hossein Berenji, Jun 16, 2021

Parents are expected to support their children financially. If the parents are not married or do not live together, the court may order one parent to make child support payments to the other parent. There are several ways child support can start. Likewise, several triggers end child support payments. If you are paying or receiving […]


What Happens to Child Support if I Remarry?

Hossein Berenji, Dec 13, 2020

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children regardless of custody and visitation rights. When parents remarry, they may wonder how the remarriage will affect an existing child support order. In order to understand the impact, it is important to understand both how child support is calculated and how California law generally views […]


Child Support Arrears

Hossein Berenji, Nov 18, 2020

All parents in California are obligated to support their children financially until those children reach the age of majority, 18 in California. When parents separate or divorce, that obligation continues. The issue of child support is often a substantial one between divorcing parents. All divorces and legal separations must include child support orders if there […]


Legally Valid Reasons to Stop Paying Child Support

Hossein Berenji, Aug 26, 2020

California law holds that each parent is equally responsible for the financial support of a child. The court cannot enforce this obligation until it has made an order for support. If your child is the subject of an order to support, that support is owed until the child turns 18, or 19 if they are […]