Everything You Need to Know About Filing Bankruptcy After Divorce

Hossein Berenji, Dec 12, 2020

Divorce is a common reason for filing a bankruptcy case. Many people who have gone through a divorce experience financial problems. They may have difficulty paying bills with a single income or have trouble paying bills because of their domestic support obligations. Regardless of the reason for filing bankruptcy after divorce, it is essential to […]


How to Find Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Hossein Berenji, Nov 28, 2020

Divorce can be expensive. In fact, in California, the cost of a divorce can climb well past $10,000 per spouse. The price can get even higher if matters such as child custody and determining how best to divide joint property are contested. With the prospect of a huge bill looming large, many individuals will try […]


Order to Show Cause – Request for Orders

Hossein Berenji, Oct 20, 2020

Parties who have filed their petitions with the family court seeking a divorce, grandparent rights, modifications of orders, paternity, or other relief may have to wait months for a hearing. Unfortunately, some matters might be pressing and cannot wait for months to be resolved. In those cases, the family court uses Requests for Orders or […]


7 Signs it is Time For a Divorce

Hossein Berenji, Oct 07, 2020

Only two people know when it is time for a divorce – you and your partner. However, people you know who observe you and your spouse might know before you do that your marriage is ending. It is often easier to spot the warning signs of divorce when you are outside looking into the relationship […]


Dr. Dre Asked to Pay Nearly $2 Million a Month in Alimony

Hossein Berenji, Sep 15, 2020

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre are getting divorced. Young filed for divorce from Dre in June. They have been married for 24 years. The divorce appears to be contentious, with both sides filing documents with the court with various allegations. In the latest filing by Young, she is seeking temporary spousal support of almost $2 […]