Can I Have a New Partner Move in During a Divorce?

Hossein Berenji, Jul 07, 2021

Some states require spouses to prove “fault” for the divorce, such as adultery, abandonment, or abuse. California is one of several states that have no-fault divorce laws. A couple may file for divorce simply because they do not want to be married to each other any longer. As a result, judges are not interested in […]


Divorcing A Narcissist: Tips, Tools, and What To Expect

Hossein Berenji, May 12, 2021

Going through a divorce is never easy, even when the parties agree to an uncontested divorce. However, when your spouse is a narcissist, the divorce process can be even more traumatic. A narcissist does not like to lose. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced divorce lawyer who knows what […]


Gaslighting: How to Recognize Your Spouse’s Manipulative Behavior

Hossein Berenji, Apr 14, 2021

Divorce can be a very difficult process for a person. However, someone who has been “gaslighted” by their spouse may experience additional challenges when seeking a divorce. They may be unsure of themselves and their reality, making it even more challenging to get out of a toxic marriage. What Does Gaslighting Mean? Gaslighting is a […]


What to Do If You’ve Been Emotionally Abused During Your Divorce

Hossein Berenji, Mar 31, 2021

Chances are that you will experience stress during a divorce. On the Rahe stress scale, divorce is rated as the second most stressful event that you can endure during your life. Divorce combines the sorrow of ending a relationship with the uncertainty of major social and financial changes. However, you don’t need to endure emotional […]


The Steps of the Divorce Process

Hossein Berenji, Mar 18, 2021

Getting married seems easy compared to the difficulty of getting a divorce. But a divorce proceeding is designed to accomplish a lot of different things. It must settle the parenting arrangement for the couple’s children. It has to divide the couple’s property. It must determine how the parents will financially support the children. And it […]