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How Can I Change My First or Last Name in California?

While we are all given a name at birth, that name does not always stay with us for life. Whether you’re getting married, ending a marriage, or trying to protect your family from harm, there are always legitimate reasons to change your name. How can you legally change your name if you live in Los Angeles? The answer will depend on why you want to make the change. Los Angeles divorce lawyer Hossein Berenji explains how to go about this process. Call today if you need more information. Changing Your Last Name For Marriage Getting married is an exciting time in your life. You are getting ready to merge two lives into one and begin a journey with the person … Continued

Can You Sue for Defamation in a Divorce?

Family law controversies can be complicated. Tensions and emotions often run high. It may not be uncommon for one spouse or parent to say or write something negative about the other. Many times, these statements are considered to be a normal part of a divorce, alimony hearing, or child custody battle. Hurtful or untrue statements are just a normal byproduct of a messy legal battle. When do those harmful statements become defamatory? When can a spouse or parent pursue civil damages for what the other has said? If your spouse or co-parent has said or written something defamatory about you, and you may be able to recover compensation through a civil lawsuit. What is Defamation? First, it is important to … Continued