Who is the Affiant When Signing an Affidavit? Is it a Witness to the Signatures, or Person at Office You are Submitting To

Hossein Berenji, Jan 20, 2022

  An affidavit is a document someone signs to swear to the truth of facts stated in the document. You might sign an affidavit if you are involved in a legal proceeding. Or, you may ask others to sign affidavits if you need them to support your claims. For example, perhaps you’re involved in a […]


What’s Attorney Client Privilege?

Hossein Berenji, Dec 10, 2021

An attorney can only provide their clients with proper representation if their clients trust them. A client may need to share sensitive information with an attorney to maximize their chances of winning a case. If a client can’t trust their attorney with sensitive information, they may harm their case. This is why the concept of […]


Can Paternity Tests Be Wrong?

Hossein Berenji, Oct 27, 2021

Under California law, if a couple is married when a child is born, it is generally assumed that the male is the legal father of the child. However, the issue of parentage can become more complicated when two parents are not married at the time of a child’s birth. It is often necessary for a […]


The Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses

Hossein Berenji, Mar 10, 2021

Divorce is one of the most challenging things any person—adult or child—will ever go through. When a couple chooses to get a divorce, studies have shown the mental and emotional toll it takes on them and their children can be devastating. One way parents and children are effectively improving post-divorce relationships is through co-parenting classes. […]


What Are the Rights of Unmarried Fathers in California?

Hossein Berenji, Mar 04, 2021

Every year, thousands of babies in California are born to unwed mothers. In fact, just over 37 percent of babies born in the Golden State are born out of wedlock. While that might sound like a high percentage, California actually ranks in the middle of the pack. The state with the lowest percentage of births […]