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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Delay Divorce Amid Rumors That They Don’t Have a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to protect yourself in case your marriage does not work out. This is certainly true if you or your spouse earn a lot of money. Earlier this year, movie stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they would be separating after eight years of marriage. However, the couple seems to have recently postponed any concrete plans to divorce. Many experts in the entertainment industry believe that this may be because the pair does not have a prenuptial agreement. What Is a Prenuptial Agreement? A prenuptial agreement is a private contract between two people who intend on getting married. California is a community property state. This means that when a couple gets divorced, each … Continued

What To Include In A Prenuptial Agreement

Most often, couples enter into prenuptial agreements to designate and divide assets in the event the marriage ends. Overall, prenuptial agreements address financial issues going into marriage. When properly prepared, they prove useful in sorting out conflicts before they arise and potentially saving time and money bypassing court property division decisions in divorce or probate actions. Prenuptial agreements commonly set out the pre-marital financial agreements of the couple contemplating marriage. They describe the assignment of property rights, debts, inheritances, businesses, and retirement distributions, among other subjects. Personal wishes, such as who does what chores around the house, generally fall outside the parameters of a prenuptial agreement. What should be included in prenuptial agreements Property: In California, a prenuptial agreement most … Continued

Are You in Need of a Premarital Agreement?

When contemplating marriage, couples often consider entering into an agreement or contract that divides assets upon a divorce. Whether you know it as a premarital agreement or a prenuptial agreement, the very thought of it can have one running for the hills. But are premarital agreements REALLY that bad? When most couples discuss a premarital agreement, the partner that is being asked to sign one may become defensive, but premarital agreements can work out in everyone’s favor. What could be seen as a divisive contract can become a reason for trust to exist. In fact, one in ten couples enter into some form of a premarital agreement before marriage so that their assets can be protected. If you have more … Continued

Prenups: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Marriage is a contract, and like any contract, it helps to know the terms and conditions before signing the dotted line. That is where a prenuptial agreement, or a “prenup,” comes in. This document clearly dictates how property will be distributed upon the death of a spouse (in lieu of a will or trust) or the breakup of a marriage. Unfortunately, these documents have a bad reputation for their association with high profile celebrity divorces. As a recent New York Times column points out, all couples can benefit from the clarity a prenuptial agreement provides. The challenge is negotiating the agreement in a friendly and non-adversarial setting. At Berenji & Associates, we help couples throughout Los Angeles create prenuptial agreements … Continued

Effects of Prenuptial Agreements on Community Property

California is a community property jurisdiction. Which means that there is a presumption that all the assets and debts that are attained during the marriage are community in nature, belonging to both husband and wife. This is only a presumption and it can be rebutted under certain circumstances. Our divorce lawyers often receive questions about how to protect their assets before or during their marriage. We have created this brief overview of pre/post-nuptials, in an effort to help all of our potential Los Angeles clients. If you have additional questions about how pre/post nuptial agreements might affect your community property rights, call Berenji & Associates today for a free consultation. Prenuptial Agreements One way that the parties can circumvent the effects of the community property presumptions … Continued