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Are My Assets In Danger If My Spouse Causes a Car Accident?

In the middle of a contested divorce, you learn that your spouse has been involved in a car accident. Your spouse is fine, but the driver in the other vehicle suffered severe injuries and may not be able to work ever again. Now your spouse is being sued. The other driver wants to be compensated for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. What does this accident mean for you? Can be you liable for the damage caused by your soon-to-be ex’s car accident? Community Property Up For Grabs in Personal Injury Lawsuits During a divorce, you’ll be required to disclose and classify all of your assets. Your property will fall into one of two categories: separate … Continued

Pet Custody Looks a Bit More Like Child Custody Thanks to New CA Law

Pets are like family. When you get divorced, your pets will certainly be affected. However, unlike children, pets don’t really have any rights. This is because pets are classified as property under California state law. As a result, your pet doesn’t have any more rights than your television or bedroom set. When you get divorced, ownership of the pet is a conversation reserved for property division discussions. No weight is really given to what is best for you or your pet. Things are changing in California thanks to a new bill that was signed into law by Governor Brown last month. The law, AB 2274, allows pets to enjoy some newfound rights when their humans get divorced. While pets will … Continued