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Spouses Will No Longer Be Entitled to Deduction for Alimony Payments

If you are thinking about getting divorced it may be prudent to make a decision in the very near future. A recent change to the tax law will eliminate the deduction for alimony payments for all couples who divorce on or after January 1, 2019. This will not only be a huge financial blow for spouses who are ordered to pay spousal support, but it will also likely drag out divorce contests and increase the costs of litigation. Fortunately, couples who divorce or sign a separation agreement before the new year will be able to enjoy the benefits of the alimony deduction. Current Law: Alimony Paid to a Former Spouse is Deductible Most spouses have significantly different incomes. In some … Continued

Alimony in California

While the facts of any separation or divorce can vary greatly, generally one thing that remains constant is the that one spouse will get some form of spousal support, whether it be long-term or temporary, to allow him or her to maintain the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage. Every state has unique laws for the awarding and calculation of spousal support, and California is no exception. The legal issues behind spousal support can be complex and can affect how you pay your taxes and how you save for retirement. An attorney who has experience ensuring a court’s spousal support agreement is fair can be a big help in alimony cases. Two Different Kinds of California Spousal Support Depending on the … Continued

Understanding Family Law – Spousal Support in California

Californians may see the opportunity to change the way alimony works in their state in November 2016. This change would come about if a Los Angeles area man can get 365,880 signatures from registered voters. The man’s petition calls for the California Legislature to end the award of alimony during divorce and annulment proceedings, and only reserve alimony awards until after a divorce is final. His plan would effectively eliminate most forms of temporary support. Temporary support can be important before a final order to help with expenses while there is uncertainty about an outcome. While time will tell if that man’s petition will be successful other similar petitions have appeared with little support, California’s current spousal support laws are complex, … Continued

California Spouses Fight Alimony Payments

A recent CBS Los Angeles story highlights a controversial issue in California divorce law: Spousal support, otherwise known as alimony. After a long legal battle over alimony payments, a divorced Huntington Beach man founded, an organization with the sole aim of ending spousal support in California.