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At Berenji & Associates, our Los Angeles family law lawyers understand that a legal dispute with your family is perhaps the most difficult challenge you will ever have to face. Emotions are running high, which can make it tough to make informed and rational decisions about your future. If children are impacted by those decisions, the stakes can be even higher. Hiring an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate these difficult times will help you to secure the very best outcome for you and your loved ones.

At Berenji & Associates, we have more than two decades of experience handling the most complex family law and divorce matters across Los Angeles. We aggressively defend our clients’ interests and fight to achieve the most favorable outcomes in the delicate matters we handle. This approach allows us to consistently secure multi-million dollar property settlements, favorable child custody decisions, and generous alimony and child support orders for our clients.

If you are struggling with a family law dispute it is important that you understand all of the legal options that may be available to you. Call Berenji & Associates to schedule a free consultation. We will listen to your story and needs, determine the best legal strategy for your specific situation, and do our best to answer any questions you may have. Your first consultation is free and requires no commitment on your part, so call us for help today.

Our Los Angeles Family Attorneys Provide Customized Representation

No two families are the same. In turn, no two family law disputes are identical. Some families may be able to hash out the terms of an agreement fairly amicably with just a little bit of help from their attorneys.  Others may not be able to see eye-to-eye and will need to use the full force of the legal system to resolve their dispute. It is important that your attorney recognize this and adapt to the unique needs of your individual case.

At Berenji & Associates, our attorneys understand this and strive to customize our legal representation to your specific needs and desires. We place great emphasis on identifying your priorities and devising a strategy that works best for you. We are able to tailor our legal representation to your needs by actively listening to your needs and personally handling your case for its duration.

Unlike many other family law firms, our attorneys will personally handle and oversee all aspects of your case. We stay fully engaged in your family law dispute and will see it through to its conclusion. When you hire our experienced family law team, you will not have to worry about having your case passed along to inexperienced attorneys or legal support staff. You will have an experienced litigator handling your case from beginning to end.

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Berenji & Associates is located at 550 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013. We also have an office in Beverly Hills, CA for your convenience.  

Why Should I Hire Berenji & Associates to Handle My Family Law Matter?

Decisions that alter or change your family dynamic are tough. You will need an attorney by your side who can help you navigate through these difficult times with relative ease. In order to do this, your attorney must not only be well-versed in California family law and procedure but also have unparalleled skills both inside and outside of the courtroom. In other words, you want an attorney who is a tough negotiator, but also a fierce litigator in the courtroom. Many attorneys are one or the other. At Berenji & Associates, our family law attorneys have demonstrated incredible skill and success as both negotiators and litigators.

  • Our lawyers have 20 years of combined experience
  • Constant communication with you throughout the process
  • Experience with complex custody issues and high-conflict divorce
  • Knowledge of the local family courts
  • Skilled representation designed to improve your position and reduce litigation
  • Award-winning attorneys ready to litigate on your behalf

The bottom line is that we are award-winning attorneys who are ready to litigate on your behalf. As your family law attorneys, we will fight to get the outcome you want and protect your family in the process. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

Family Law Practice Areas

Our law firm has a proven track record of successfully handling all family law issues including:

Family Law Cases We Handle

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys are prepared to help you with any legal dispute you may have with your family. We do find, however, that certain types of cases tend to walk through our doors more often than others. Here is a brief overview of some of the family law issues we handle on a regular basis.

Child Custody

Parents in Los Angeles share an equal right to be present in their child’s life and to make decisions that affect that child’s health and well-being. This can be difficult when parents get divorced, move away, and/or display behavior that could put the child in harm’s way. If you want to fight for custody of your child, you have the right to take your matter to court.

When a child custody dispute arises, courts will try to find a solution that is in the best interests of the child [Family Law Code §3020]. There is a presumption that joint custody, where both parents have physical and legal rights concerning their child, is the best possible scenario for children. As a result, a court will do its best to keep a child in continuing and frequent contact with both parents.

However, a court will sever or reduce a parent’s custodial rights if there is evidence that joint custody is not the most beneficial arrangement for a child. Factors, as outlined in Family Code §3011, that may affect custody include drug and/or alcohol use, allegations of abuse or domestic violence, and the nature and amount of contact with both parents.

Do you believe your current child custody arrangement is not in your child’s best interest? Call our Los Angeles child custody attorneys for help. We will fight to secure the best support order for your family.

Child Custody FAQ

Child Support

As a parent, you have an obligation to make sure that your child is taken care of, financially. You do not shoulder this obligation alone. The child’s other parent also shares in this responsibility. If you do not believe that your child’s other parent is satisfying his or her financial obligations to your child, you can file a request for child support.

Certain factors, as outlined in Family Code §4055, influence a parent’s child support obligations. The two most important factors in child custody cases include each parent’s income and custody timeshare percentage. Simply put: the less time you spend with your child and the more money you make, the greater your child support obligations will be.

If you believe that your child is not receiving the financial support he or she deserves, contact our Los Angeles child support attorneys for help. We will gather evidence to prove that your child’s other parent should be ordered to pay child support for the benefit of your children. Call us today to schedule your free case evaluation.

Child Support Modification


Divorce is never easy. Our Los Angeles divorce attorneys are here to help you through this difficult time. In California, there are certain issues that must be resolved before your divorce can be finalized, including child custody, support obligations, and property division. How long the process of divorce takes will generally depend on how you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse work together to finalize these details.

If you and your spouse can agree on some, but not all, aspects of your divorce, you may benefit from tools such as collaborative divorce, mediation, or arbitration. These can help you to keep decisions in your hands and avoid the costs of litigation.

If you and your spouse cannot see eye-to-eye, at all, you may need to let a court step in and make decisions about the dissolution of your marriage. This can significantly extend the duration of your divorce and take important decisions out of your hands.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage you need to understand all of the options that may be available to you. Call our Los Angeles divorce attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We will review your situation, determine what you want to get out of your divorce, and help you design a strategy for success.

Collaborative Divorce | Divorce Mediation | High-Net Worth Divorce | Legal Separation | Military Divorce | Same-Sex Divorce

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, which can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, and even financial abuse, is a rising problem for families across Los Angeles. On a typical day, police will respond to more than 130 domestic violence calls. Statistics show that domestic violence mostly affects women and children. In fact, 40 percent of women in California will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Allegations of domestic violence can complicate family-related legal disputes. A parent who has been accused of domestic violence may be slapped with a restraining order and even face the loss of his or her custodial rights. When children are involved, courts will not hesitate to err on the side of caution to protect the best interests and safety of those children.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, or have been accused of abusing your family members, it is important to seek legal assistance immediately. It will be very important to gather information and evidence to support your case, and present it in a manner that will put you in the best possible legal position. Our Los Angeles domestic violence attorneys understand that this can be a very sensitive situation and will do our best to secure the safety of your family. Call us today to speak with our skilled legal advocates.

Property Division

Before your divorce can be finalized, you must figure out how to divide assets, property, and debts between you and your spouse. If you are not on the best terms, this can be a very difficult thing to accomplish. Fortunately, California law provides some property division guidelines.

California is a community property state. This essentially means that each spouse is entitled to half of all community property in the event of a divorce. Community property includes all property obtained over the course of your marriage, including income, savings, real estate, personal effects, and even 401(k) and retirement benefits. When you get divorced in California, you also share an equal obligation to shoulder any debts or liabilities that you have assumed as a married couple. Generally speaking, the property you personally owned before getting married will remain in your possession.

Property division disputes often arise when spouses want to walk away with specific items and are unwilling to compromise. Since state law demands an equal distribution of property, getting something you want that is of value will likely require you to give up other things that you may also want. One way to avoid property disputes is by creating a pre or postnuptial agreement. These can allow you to bypass state law requirements and divide property as you see fit.

There are many factors that can go into property division agreements. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, you need the help of an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney. Call Berenji & Associates to learn more.

Spousal Support

When you are married you are able to benefit from your spouse’s income and earnings. As a result, you may become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Your world can be turned upside-down when you a get a divorce, particularly if you earn significantly less than your spouse or do not work at all. In California, spousal support, which is also known as alimony, can help you get on your feet and adjust to life post-divorce.

Many factors can go into determining (a) whether you should be awarded alimony, (b) how much support you should receive, and (c) for how long you should receive that support. These factors, which are outlined in Family Code §4320, include:

  • Your earning potential
  • Your ex-spouse’s income
  • How long you were married
  • Whether you put your career on hold to help your spouse or raise a family
  • Domestic violence, and
  • The tax implications of support.

If you need spousal support to get back on your feet or believe that your ex-spouse is purposefully avoiding his or her obligation to pay alimony, call our Los Angeles spousal support attorneys for help. We will help you fight to get the money you need to take care of yourself and adjust to life after divorce.


Paternity LawyersIn California, both parents share equal rights and obligations in regard to their children. While it will be quite simple to identify a child’s mother, determining paternity can be more difficult. Generally speaking, Family Code §7541 presumes paternity when a child is born to parents who are married, living together, or romantically involved. Things can become complicated when there are rumors of infidelity, parents do not live together, or a father is impotent or sterile.

There may be certain times when it will be necessary to either establish or defend against paternity. Typically, child custody and child support issues will be front and center. The right to have physical and/or legal custody of a child only extends to that child’s parents. It may be necessary to establish that you are a child’s father if you want to enjoy these rights. On the other hand, establishing paternity will also trigger child support obligations. As a child’s lawful parent, you must ensure that they are cared for, financially. You can also avoid child support obligations for a child that is not yours by proving that you are not child’s parent.

Any paternity actions will require the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney. Call Berenji & Associates for help establishing or defending against paternity. We have over two decades of experience handling complex paternity cases and can help you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Move-Away Orders

Move AwayToday, it is not uncommon for adults to pick up and move across the country. This could be for a new job opportunity, to take care of aging family, or even to pursue a new education. Things can be complicated, however, when a parent shares custody of their children. One parent may want to bring their child with them, but the child’s other parent may be concerned about uprooting the child’s life and losing contact.

Whether you want to relocate your child or fight to keep them in Los Angeles, the family law attorneys at Berenji & Associates can help. The outcome of your move-away case can depend on (a) whether you have sole or joint custody of your child, (b) the amount of time you spend with your child, and (c) whether the move is in your child’s best interest. Our attorneys can help you design a legal strategy that puts you in the best possible legal position as a parent. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorneys.

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Are you struggling to make an important decision about the future of your family? If so, it is important to have all of the help you can get during this difficult time. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney will make a world of difference in your legal case.

At Berenji & Associates, we will proudly represent you in your family dispute and fight to achieve the very best outcome for you and your loved ones. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation with our skilled legal team. We will listen to your story, outline all of your legal options, and identify the best strategy for your specific situation. Your first consultation is free, so call us for help today.

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