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Alternatives To Divorce Litigation

If your considering a divorce but are concerned with going to court, then there are two alternatives you should consider: (1) Mediation, or (2) Collaborative Law. Mediation Mediaton is a negotiation between you, your spouse, and a neutral third party … Continued

New Rules Regarding Premarital Agreements?

What does an obscure case from Minnesota that some observers are calling the “new Kramer v. Kramer” have to do with spousal agreements in Los Angeles? This Mr. and Ms. Kremer met in the 1990s; at the time Mr. Kremer … Continued

Divorce And PAS

According to one prominent observer, the child custody fight brewing in the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce indicates the beginnings of parental alienation syndrome. By most accounts, Ms. Jolie filed her divorce petition with very little warning. Mr. Pitt may have … Continued

What Happens First In Divorce Cases?

When it comes to criminal investigations, police often say that the first 48 hours are critical. After that time, memories fade, evidence is lost, suspects go into hiding, and the chance for a successful resolution basically plummets. Things do not … Continued

Trailblazing Divorce Laws From California

Modern divorce and family laws in the Golden State and elsewhere in the Union largely came about from the personal experiences of two California men. 27-year-old Ronald Reagan met 21-year-old Jane Wyman on the set of “Brother Rat,” a nondescript … Continued