Court-Ordered Rehab: 8 Facts You Need to Know

Hossein Berenji, Jul 06, 2022

Drug addiction is a severe problem throughout the United States. Families struggle with how to help their loved ones overcome drug abuse and addiction. Drug testing is often an issue in child custody cases. Many states have laws that permit the court to order someone to undergo evaluation for drug addiction without their consent. Court-ordered […]


Summary Dissolution FAQs

Hossein Berenji, Jun 28, 2022

Getting a divorce in California can be a complicated process. If the parties disagree on divorce terms, a divorce proceeding could take months or years to complete. Divorces involving disputes related to child custody, spousal support, property division, or child support can be complicated. However, many couples choose summary dissolution as a quick and easy […]


How Does California’s New Standard Parenting Plan Work?

Hossein Berenji, Jun 20, 2022

California courts encourage parents to work together to create a parenting plan that works best for their family. Therefore, the courts do not require parents to use one standard parenting plan. Instead, the courts provide guidance for what must be included in a parenting plan. Parents have the flexibility to create a parenting plan that […]


Child Custody and Visitation: What You Need to Know

Hossein Berenji, Jun 09, 2022

The parties in a divorce, paternity proceeding, or legal separation action have a laundry list of issues to deal with. Primary among them is where their children are going to live. This issue touches on deep emotional matters that are important to the parents and the children. Because of the importance of this issue, it […]


What Is a Minute Order?

Hossein Berenji, Jun 01, 2022

A minute order is a fancy legal term for describing a court’s answer to a party’s motion. Sometimes minute orders are even issued while you’re in the courtroom. Often prepared by the judge’s clerk, they’re usually extremely brief, simply approving or denying a motion made by either party. Minute orders do not have to be […]