Can I Take My Children to Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Doheny Estate in Beverly Hills on Days I Have Custody?

Hossein Berenji, Jul 02, 2024

Greystone is a city park in Beverly Hills, CA. It was dedicated in 1971 so visitors could enjoy the beautiful grounds. The park is open to the public most days and is available to host community and private events.

Admission to the park is free, and you don’t need to make reservations to visit the grounds. You can take a self-guided tour of Greystone Mansion, but you need timed tickets.

On days you have custody of your children, you should be able to take them to visit Greystone Mansion & Gardens. However, if you have a custody order in place, you need to ensure that it does not restrict what you can do with your children.

What Are a Parent’s Rights to Travel With Their Children When There is No Custody Order?

Parents have equal custody of their children under California Family Code §3010. Therefore, if your parental rights have not been restricted by a court order, you can travel within California with your children.

However, taking your children outside of the state requires consent from your child’s other parent. The law makes an exception if you must leave because of an emergency and made a good faith effort to obtain permission before leaving.

How Do I Know if I Need Permission to Visit Greystone Mansion & Gardens With My Kids on Days I Have Custody?

Your custody order will include traveling or other restrictions if they exist. Read it carefully and note whether you need to obtain permission from your ex before taking your children to Greystone on the days you have custody.

If the custody order does not address travel or activities, you should be able to take them to visit the park. However, if you are concerned, talk with a child custody attorney in Beverly Hills to confirm your rights.

Can I Travel Outside of Beverly Hills With My Children?

It is always a good idea to talk with your ex if you want to take your children outside the area where they live on days you have custody. Simply letting your ex know your plans could avoid problems.

However, you must be careful if you want to travel outside of California. If your custody order addresses travel outside the state, follow the order precisely. If the order does not address travel outside California with your children, you may need to petition the court for approval.

An attorney can advise you of your rights and help you petition the court for approval to travel out of state with your children. The judge will consider the reasons you want to travel and other factors when deciding whether to grant permission. You need an experienced lawyer who understands the law to make your case, especially if your ex objects to the travel plans.

How Do Beverly Hills Judges Decide Child Custody Cases?

California courts encourage parents to work out a parenting plan that benefits their children. The court prioritizes the child’s best interest in all child custody matters. Even when parents propose a parenting plan, a judge will review it to ensure the terms are in the children’s best interests.

Judges prefer joint custody unless a parent is unfit or joint custody would be harmful to the child. They will award sole custody instead of 50/50 custody when it is best for the child.

If the parents cannot agree on the terms of custody, a judge decides for them. The judge considers numerous factors when determining legal and physical custody

Factors the judge may consider include:

  • A parent’s ability to provide for and care for the child
  • The stability of the child’s current home and the desire to maintain consistency for the child
  • Allegations of domestic violence, neglect, and substance abuse
  • The child’s ties to home, school, community, and relatives
  • A child’s reasonable preferences for custody
  • Other people who live in the home where the child will live and/or visit
  • A child’s unique needs

Judges cannot consider factors such as the sex of a parent, race, physical disability, religion, sexual orientation, or a parent’s comparative income when deciding custody cases.

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