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Culver City Divorce LawyerYou did not make the decision to dissolve your marriage lightly. Therefore, you should choose a Culver City divorce lawyer who will give your case the same attention and consideration.

At Berenji & Associates Divorce Lawyers, our Culver City divorce lawyers have over 45 years of combined family law experience you can trust in Culver City, California. We handle all types of divorce cases, including high-net-worth, military, LGBT, gray, contested, collaborative, summary dissolution, and same-sex divorces. Our lawyers are equipped to handle the most complex divorce cases.

We fight to obtain the most favorable outcome for your divorce. Our lawyers protect your and your children’s best interests. If you need a strong advocate in your corner, call Berenji & Associates Divorce Lawyers.

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How Our Culver City Family Law Attorneys Can Help You With a California Divorce Case

How Our Culver City Family Law Attorneys Can Help You With a California Divorce Case

At Berenji & Associates Divorce Lawyers, our Culver City divorce attorneys handle your divorce case personally. We keep you informed and updated about the progress of your case and work closely with you throughout the divorce process. We’ll explain all your legal options and develop the best strategy for your situation and needs.

When you hire our top-rated Culver City family law attorneys, we will:

  • Listen to you to learn about your family and your wishes for a divorce settlement
  • Propose fair settlements that are in your best interest
  • Strongly advocate to protect your children’s best interests
  • Gather information and evidence to build a solid case
  • Work with leading experts to gather additional evidence when necessary
  • Keep you updated about your case
  • Diligently work to mediate a divorce settlement to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation
  • Advocate for you in court and take the case to trial if necessary

Our lawyers are respected family law attorneys in Culver City, CA. We have excellent ratings from clients on Yelp and Avvo. We are also highly rated by Super Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers. Some reasons why you should hire Berenji & Associates Divorce Lawyers include our knowledge of local family courts, experience with complex divorce cases, and skillful representation that improves your chances of a positive outcome.

However, our dedication to our clients is the most important reason to hire us. We provide customized representation because your case is important to us. Each divorce case is unique, so we offer personalized legal services for your specific needs and goals.

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What Are the Qualifications for a Divorce in Culver City, CA?

You must meet the residency requirements to qualify for a divorce in California. You or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months before filing for dissolution of marriage. You must be a resident of the county in which you file for a minimum of three months.

One spouse must live in California if you file for a legal separation. However, there is no length of residency requirement to file for a legal separation. Likewise, if your domestic partnership is registered in California, there is no residency requirement.

What Are the Legal Grounds for a Divorce in California?

The grounds for divorce in California are simplified. There are only two grounds – irreconcilable differences and permanent legal incapacity to make decisions.

Most people file for divorce in Culver City on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. It is a no-fault ground for divorce. You don’t need to prove your spouse committed wrongdoing that led to the breakup of the marriage. Instead, you claim the marriage is irretrievably broken because of differences.

With a no-fault divorce, a person can obtain a divorce even though their spouse does not want to be divorced. The only matters to litigate are related to the divorce, such as support, custody, and property division.

Overview of the Divorce Process in California

The divorce process in Culver City depends on the facts and circumstances of your divorce case. 

However, the basic steps of divorce include:

  • A spouse determines they meet the residency requirements and files a petition with the court for dissolution of marriage.
  • The divorce papers are served on the other spouse. The responding spouse has 30 days to file an answer or response to the divorce papers.
  • The spouses must exchange financial information by completing a preliminary declaration of disclosure and serving a copy on each other.

From this point, your divorce could take several routes. If you and your spouse agree on the divorce terms, you can propose a divorce settlement to the court for approval. Provided the terms related to children are in their best interest, the court should approve the agreement and issue a divorce decree.

However, spouses who cannot agree on divorce terms proceed with a contested divorce. The parties may agree to mediation to resolve their issues without a trial. However, if the parties continue to disagree, the court will decide matters for them after a trial. A contested divorce could take more than a year (or years in some cases) to resolve.

Our Culver City divorce lawyers work with you to mediate a settlement that avoids costly litigation. In most cases, settlements worked out between the spouses are better for both parties than a judge’s order based solely on the evidence presented during a trial.

How Is Child Custody and Child Support Decided in Culver City, CA?

Courts encourage parents to develop a parenting plan and time-share agreement that outlines how the parents will effectively co-parent after a divorce. It is presumed that children benefit from a close relationship with both parents, barring problems with fitness or abuse. Therefore, parents are encouraged to work together in the best interests of their children.

However, when parents cannot agree on terms for child custody, a judge will decide. The primary goal is to ensure the best interest of the children. Therefore, judges consider numerous factors when determining a child’s best interests. Both parents enter custody hearings on equal terms. If there are questions about fitness, the parent questioning parental fitness must have evidence proving the parent is unfit for the court to grant sole custody to one parent.

The state imposes a legal obligation on parents to financially support their children. That obligation continues after a separation or divorce. The state uses standard child support guidelines to calculate the amount of support each parent should pay. Typically, the non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent.

Can I Get Alimony or Spousal Support in a California Divorce?

California family laws allow for alimony/spousal support during and after a divorce. The spouse asking for support must show a need for financial support. The court must also find that the other spouse has the ability to pay support payments.

However, a judge may also consider other factors, such as the length of the marriage and child support payments. The judge may consider whether a spouse can become gainfully employed and if the spouse needs time to gain skills or education to do so. A complete list of factors can be found in California Family Code §4320.

How Is Property Divided in a Divorce in Culver City, CA?

California is a community property state for marital assets. With few exceptions, all property and income acquired during the marriage are community property. The spouses own an equal share of marital property.

Therefore, marital property is divided equally between spouses during a divorce. However, property division in a divorce is rarely that straightforward. Many factors can impact property division during a Culver City divorce.

For example, a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement can specify the property that will remain separate during the marriage. The agreement can also specify how the parties divide property during a divorce.

Another exception would be when separate property is converted to community property. For example, a person adds the spouse to the title of a home or vehicle. In this case, the asset would become marital property subject to property division.

Some assets make property division difficult. Dividing retirement accounts, business interests, investment accounts, and international assets can be complicated. Valuing assets can also complicate a case, especially when it requires experts to evaluate the value of the assets. Our Culver City divorce lawyers have experience handling complex property division cases.

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