Divorce Issues Caused by a Mother-In-Law

Hossein Berenji, May 25, 2023

Every marriage can be challenging. When you spend your entire life with the same person, eventually, you will experience conflict and frustration. The longest marriages find ways to overcome these difficulties and celebrate the good times. But not all marriages do as well.

When the issues become too frustrating, you may consider getting a divorce. Not every marriage lasts for a lifetime, and there are plenty of legitimate reasons to divorce your spouse. When there are issues between you and your spouse that you just can’t resolve, this may help you both be happy again.

But what about when the issues aren’t caused by you or your spouse? What about when an in-law, like your mother-in-law, creates strife that wouldn’t be there otherwise? What can you do about this situation, and are there ways to save your marriage?

Why Your Mother-In-Law Might Create Issues in Your Marriage

When you get married, you aren’t just combining your life with your spouse’s life. You are also combining your respective families. Sometimes this works out smoothly, and it is like gaining the additional parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews that you’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, sometimes the new family members don’t feel like family. Likely, your mother-in-law doesn’t want to interfere with your marriage. But for several reasons, she may be doing things that disrupt your marital bliss.

She Wanted Someone Else for Her Child

Many mothers build up an idea of the perfect spouse for their child. Your mother-in-law may not even realize she has done this. Then, when you came along, you didn’t fit that ideal. And now she is constantly pointing out your flaws, probably without even intending to do so.

If you feel constantly criticized, talk it over with your mother-in-law. It might help to point out ways you are good for their child. Hopefully, she will realize that even though you are different from her ideal, you still love and bring happiness to her child.

Competition for Attention

Do you feel like you are constantly competing with your mother-in-law for time with your spouse? That isn’t uncommon. Your mother-in-law may feel like her child is slipping away from her. And she may worry that she will eventually become an afterthought.

Unfortunately, this results in her trying to spend as much time with her child as possible. And that interferes with the time you can spend with your spouse. This is not healthy for a marriage and can eventually lead to divorce if it goes on too long.

Consider arranging a schedule for you and your spouse to spend time with your mother-in-law. Make it clear that you will both make time for her and that she shouldn’t feel the need to dominate your spouse’s time.

She Just Doesn’t Like You

The worst situation is one where your in-law just doesn’t like you. If this is the case, she is likely trying to poison your relationship with your spouse. And even worse, she might try to turn your children against you if given the opportunity.

Do What’s Best for Your Family

If any of these scenarios are true in your case, you need to discuss the behavior with your spouse and potentially limit your mother-in-law’s access to your family. Hopefully, your spouse recognizes the inappropriate behavior and sides with you. However, if that isn’t the case, there may be more underlying issues, and divorce might be appropriate.

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