Four Signs of Divorce

Hossein Berenji, Feb 01, 2018

How can you know if your marriage is at risk? What signs tend to indicate that a marriage is in trouble? As experienced Los Angeles divorce attorneys, we have helped thousands of clients through an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Our years of experience have allowed us to witness the inner workings of failing marriages and the signs that tend to indicate a divorce may be on the horizon. If you think that your marriage is in trouble it is important to be aware of the top four signs of divorce.

Fighting More Than Usual

When you first got married you may have enjoyed a honeymoon period where everything was wonderful. You may not have agreed on every decision, but you cared more about each other than getting what you wanted in an argument. You let little things slide and chose to pick your battles. Your willingness to compromise can vanish when your marriage is on the rocks. Spouses become more concerned with trivial details and decide to fight more battles. Fighting is natural and can be healthy for a marriage. However, if the frequency and intensity of your fights have recently increased, you may want to evaluate the current state of your relationship.

Engaging in Different Kinds of Fights

The way you fight with your spouse can also be telling about the state of your marriage. Couples who fight should make sure that their disputes are clear, honest, and (most importantly) resolved. When couples are unhappy or unsure about their relationship they may alter the way they engage in confrontation. Some spouses may become incredibly defensive and refuse to admit fault. Others may become passive aggressive. In some cases, a spouse may refuse to let an argument run its course, causing the issue to fester and get worse. Fighting is a form of communication. Hindering communication can be a serious threat to a once-healthy marriage.

Reduced Interest in Intimacy

Intimacy is vital in a healthy marriage. You are at your most vulnerable when you are intimate with your spouse. This vulnerability helps to foster positive feelings and make you feel wanted. A decreased desire to be intimate could indicate that a marriage is in trouble. If you have experienced issues with intimacy with your spouse it is important to have a frank conversation. Just because your spouse isn’t interested in being intimate with you does not automatically mean that they are being unfaithful. These decreased desires could be a sign of more trouble emotional issues. Showing your concern and helping your spouse get to the root issue can help.

Spending Less Time Together

It is natural for spouses to want to spend time apart. In fact, it can be important for spouses to maintain individual identities and enjoy activities on their own. However, spouses who spend the majority of their time apart are at a greater risk of getting divorced. This is true whether the time apart is forced due to work obligations or the voluntary decisions to spend time with others. If you and your spouse have been spending less time together than usual it is important to stop, evaluate the situation, and have a discussion about what you both want.

Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

Have you and your spouse been fighting more? Are you spending less time together? Have you noticed that you or your spouse have lost interest in sex? If you think that your marriage may be in trouble and want to learn more about divorce or legal separation, call the Los Angeles divorce attorneys at Berenji & Associates. We have more than 20 years of combined legal experience and have helped thousands of clients through emotionally-challenging divorces. We know that it may be difficult to think about the end of your marriage and will do everything we can to make the situation as simple and painless as possible.

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