5 Tips Parents Need To Know Before Taking Kids To the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style

Hossein Berenji, May 30, 2024

After going through a divorce, reconnecting with your children can be difficult, especially if you don’t have primary custody over them. 

With that in mind, one common approach that parents turn to to strengthen their ties with their children is taking them to fun attractions in the city. Beverly Hills is no stranger to exciting and memorable experiences, but a particularly great attraction for families is the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style

The following are five things you should consider before taking your children to the attraction:

1. The Walk of Style Does, Indeed, Involve a Lot of Walking

While most children seem capable of running around all day, they may not be able to walk all day. Younger children, in particular, are more likely to tire out before you are done enjoying everything the Walk of Style has to offer.

If your child is small enough to ride in a stroller, you should probably bring it along and be prepared to use it. When visiting with slightly older children, consider only going to some of the attractions to save yourself the hassle of having to carry them home.

2. Rodeo Drive Is Expensive

There are plenty of places along Rodeo Drive to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat, but almost none of them are truly budget-friendly. 

While you may prefer to only window shop, that probably isn’t fair to your children, so you should carefully plan your trip to avoid any destinations where you can’t afford to shop. And even then, be prepared to spend a fair amount of money along the way.

3. Bring Sunscreen

Most of the Walk of Style takes place outside under the Beverly Hills sun. That means you and your children will be susceptible to sunburn, so bring sunscreen and administer it liberally. A bad sunburn can easily ruin an otherwise fun day. 

You could buy sunscreen while on Rodeo Drive, but given our last point, it will likely cost significantly more than if you purchase it before you arrive.

4. Bring a Camera

Rodeo Drive is one of the most beautiful parts of an already stunning city, so if you don’t take tons of pictures, you’re going to regret it. Your kids may not realize the benefits of taking photos of the Walk of Style while they are young, but they will probably appreciate the pictures when they grow up.

5. Make Sure Your Ex-Spouse Knows Where You Are Going and How Long It Will Take

A trip to Rodeo Drive could easily take an entire day. As mentioned, it has enough stores, restaurants, and attractions beyond the Walk of Style to keep you and your children enthralled from morning to sundown and maybe even a few hours past that.

That’s all well and good unless your ex-spouse expects the kids home in the afternoon and doesn’t realize your excursion with them could last so long. 

That’s the kind of problem that could cause your ex-spouse to file for a modification to your child custody order, not only ruining your fun day but potentially destroying any chance you have of having a similar experience with your kids again.

Planning Makes the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style a Great Day With Your Kids

The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style is iconic for a reason, but a trip there with your kids could be memorable for all the wrong reasons if you don’t properly plan ahead. The above tips will help you have a great day and many more just like it.

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