Can I Take My Children to Universal Studios Hollywood on Days I Have Custody?

Hossein Berenji, May 06, 2024

Taking your children to Universal Studios Hollywood can be a great family adventure. However, what happens if you and your ex-spouse share custody of your children? Do you need to ask your ex for permission to take your kids to Universal Studios Hollywood on the days you have custody?

Your Rights Under a Custody Order in California

Generally, you can take your kids to Hollywood Studios or anywhere else in California on days you have custody without asking for permission from your ex-spouse. However, you need to review your custody order to determine if you need permission to travel with your children if Universal Studios Hollywood is not in your town.

Also, your custody order could restrict where you can take your child or the activities you can engage in on the days you have custody. Therefore, your ability to take your children to Universal Studios Hollywood on the day you have custody depends on your current custody order and California custody laws.

What Are My Rights to Take My Children Somewhere When There Is No Custody Order in Place?

California Family Code §3010 gives parents equal custody of their children unless the court modifies custody. Therefore, you should have the right to travel with your children in California without asking your ex-partner. However, if you have a custody order, that right could be restricted.

Furthermore, traveling outside of California requires asking your child’s other parent for permission. So, while you might be able to travel to Universal Studios in California without asking your ex, you could not take your kids to Universal Studios in Florida without your ex’s agreement.

My Ex-Spouse Refuses to Let Me Take My Child to Universal Studios and Other Places. What Can I Do?

Review your custody order to determine the rules you must follow. If your parenting plan and custody arrangement do not limit your actions with your child on days you have custody, you should be able to do as you wish with your children.

However, consider what you want to do before doing it. If your spouse is against your children going to Universal Studios, ask yourself why.

For example, your spouse disagrees with your plans because your child is scared of rides, and they believe forcing them to go on rides will be traumatic. If you go against your ex’s wishes, they might claim you are an unfit parent for putting your child through a traumatic experience without cause.

If your ex is merely being petty and the court order does not limit your visitation, you should be able to do as you wish. However, if you are unsure, check with a Beverly Hills child custody lawyer. An attorney can review your current custody order, explain your rights, and help you petition the court for relief if necessary.

Who Decides the Terms of a Custody Arrangement in California?

A parenting plan and timeshare agreement determine which parent has legal and physical custody of their children. The parents may share joint custody, or the court may grant sole custody. The parenting plan explains how the parents will share parenting responsibilities for raising their children.

The terms in California parenting plans typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Timesharing and visitation schedules, including overnight and weekend visits
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School schedules
  • Childcare
  • House rules and discipline
  • Transportation
  • Screen time and phone access
  • Expectations for school
  • Healthcare decisions
  • Holidays and vacation
  • Third-party and family vacation

The parenting plan may address traveling with children and restrictions on specific activities. Custody arrangements can be modified to meet the best interests of the child. All custody decisions in California are based on the child’s best interests.

How Does a Judge Decide What Is in a Child’s Best Interest in Beverly Hills, CA?

Judges make child custody decisions based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Judges consider many factors to determine a child’s best interests, including:

  • A history of abuse or domestic violence
  • The child’s health, welfare, and safety
  • A parent’s use of illegal substances
  • The nature and amount of contact between the child and each parent

The judge may consider any factor they believe is relevant to deciding the best interest of the child. If you dispute custody, you need to be ready to present evidence in court demonstrating you are fit to have custody of your child and it would be in your child’s best interest for you to have custody.

A Beverly Hills child custody lawyer can help you fight for fair custody terms. Call an attorney for a confidential consultation if you have questions or need help with custody matters.

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