How To Accept That Your Marriage Is Over

Hossein Berenji, May 27, 2023

People don’t usually enter into marriages thinking they will end in divorce. Unfortunately, such cases certainly exist; when they happen, they can result in immense amounts of pain, heartache, and introspection. If you’re going through a divorce and aren’t careful, you could find yourself succumbing to (self) destructive behaviors, such as substance abuse.

Knowing It’s Over

One of the most difficult aspects to deal with in these situations is understanding that the other person no longer wants your marriage to continue in any form. It can be incredibly difficult for a spouse who is still in love with their soon-to-be ex-partner to accept, and it can cause them to feel like a victim of their partner’s whims. This can be an unhealthy situation for both parties that can lead to the development of self-deprecating conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

After learning that their spouse is no longer interested in working things out, many people try to rationalize the situation, which leads to over-intellectualization and unproductive thinking. If not handled carefully, these intense emotions can develop into obsession and other dangerous urges.

Recovery Is on the Horizon

The stress of an impending divorce can lead to profound feelings of emotional pain and insecurity. Unfortunately, many people cope by succumbing to their emotions, causing them to engage in resentful behaviors. Escaping from such a mental space is a process that takes lots of time, practice, and patience.

By understanding that the pain is only temporary, you can put your recovery into perspective so you can consciously work toward a renewed purpose, one step at a time. Recognizing that things will take time is imperative to cultivating the kind of patience you will need to get through this.

You Have a Renewed Purpose

One of the most painful aspects of a failed marriage is the loss of the sense of unity that used to encompass your time together. Fortunately, these feelings can be overcome with a little perspective. By understanding that you are still unified within yourself, you can approach life as a single person with a renewed sense of purpose.

Letting Go Takes Time

If letting go was easy, there would be no need for this post. Letting go is a difficult process that takes time, and on the way to that realization, you will likely encounter feelings of bitterness, regret, or worse. It is important to realize that these feelings will fade with time.

Instead of succumbing to despair, practice letting go by redirecting your negative thoughts into positive ones. If sadness suddenly strikes you out of nowhere, train your mind to keep positive moments in perspective. For every negative thought that enters your mind, have a positive one to counter it.

Recognize the Humor

Dealing with the pain of a failed marriage gets easier when you learn to recognize the humor that accompanies almost every facet of life. Surround yourself with comedy and lighthearted humor, or spend quality time with friends who make you laugh. By redirecting the negative emotion into laughter, your brain will attune itself to happiness.

Now that you know a little more about the options available to you when your marriage is over, you can start engaging in healthy coping strategies that will enrich your life and enable you to grow as a person. Take things slowly, and remember to check in with yourself throughout the day to maintain those positive affirmations.

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